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How Does Telebraille Relay Work?

It’s simple!

Dial 711 (or 800-735-2962 for English or 888-825-6570 for Spanish) and the relay operator will answer with “Relay North Carolina”.

Type in the area code and telephone number you wish to call and type “GA” (Go Ahead).  The relay operator will dial the number and connect you to the other party.

  • 1

    The other party listens and speaks.  They say “GA” (“Go Ahead”) to indicate that it is your turn to respond. 

  • 2

    The relay operator conveys the other party’s voiced message by typing it to you.

  • 3

    You read the other party’s voiced message on your TeleBraille device or TTY with large visual display, and then type your response, which the relay operator reads aloud. Type “GA” (“Go Ahead”) at end of each message.  The “GA” indicates that it is the other party’s turn to respond.

To conclude the call, type “GA to SK” (“Stop Keying”) to indicate that you are ready to hang up.

Video: How does a TeleBraille Relay call work?

Here’s how a TeleBraille user named Aaron communicates with a standard phone user named Julie.