What is 7-1-1?

For TTY Users

For Deaf-Blind TTY Users

For Voice Callers

For VCO Callers

For HCO Callers

For STS Callers

Emergency 9-1-1


Service Feedback


Relay Phone Numbers

Voice Relay Service

Dial 7-1-1 or 1-877-735-8200

A hearing caller can easily initiate calls to people who do not use the standard telephone.

How to contact the Deaf TTY user:

People who dial 7-1-1 in an office that has extension numbers may experience difficulty as a result of the number not being programmed in the office’s PBX system. Contact your office administrator or local telephone service provider to request the availability of the 7-1-1 service in your building.

Video: Voice to TTY

Diagram: How Voice to TTY Works

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