What is 7-1-1?

For TTY Users

For Deaf-Blind TTY Users

For Voice Callers

For VCO Callers

For HCO Callers

For STS Callers

Emergency 9-1-1


Service Feedback


Relay Phone Number

Emergency 9-1-1 Call

Dial 9-1-1 (not 7-1-1)

7-1-1 is not an emergency number. In case of emergency, TTY users should call the TTY-equipped 9-1-1 Center or emergency services center in their community. All customers should verify the emergency phone numbers for TTY calls in their area. Calls placed directly to the local TTY emergency number can save valuable time during urgent situations.

For more information on how to obtain emergency numbers in your area, call Relay North Carolina Customer Service at 800-676-3777 (TTY/Voice).